Donut Squishy

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  • Donut Squishy
  • Donut Squishy
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Price is for ONE donut squishy. 

Chocolate donuts are good, strawberry donuts are tasty, but if Silly Squishies makes a donut squishy, it is going to be even better. If donuts were actually this size, you could eat one donut every day for a week! But since it is not edible, it is AMAZINGLY satisfying to squish! 

Squishy cake batter fried to perfection on the bottom, and dumping sugary strawberry pink icing and over the top and dripping down the sides. Grab a big ol' handful of confetti sprinkles and generously layer on top. Hold the donut squishy close to your nose (not close enough to eat) and you will smell the sugary scent of icing. 

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