Squishy Mini

Squishy Mini

Squish em big, or Squishy mini, there's room the squishy world for all shapes and sizes, we don't discriminate! Small and mini has always been associated with cuter and these mini squishies definitely quality for teeny tiny cuteness. Even though they are small, they pack a good punch. There is  a very specific way to squish these little babies and it is called a thumb squish. You put the squishy in between your index finger and thumb of one hand and slowly squish and release. Squishing on the go is best with squishy mini's!

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  • iBloom Mini strawberry ibloom fruit squishies

    iBloom mini Strawberry

    Fresh picked from the fruit farm in iBloom land, this iBloom mini strawberry was picked before it could grow too big, for the fun squishers who wanted a bite size squishy to play with. Still ripe as ever and enjoyable to squish, this mini strawberry...
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